Foshan Fengzhi Machinery and Electric Co., Ltd. is a well-known enterprise in Fujian Province, focusing on stone deep processing, research and development, manufacturing, sales and service. The company mainly deals in stone edge grinding, polishing, cutting and granulating equipment. In the process of development, we are committed to upgrading and upgrading products. According to the specific needs of customers and the problems faced by them, we provide customized services, and develop and maintain the advantages of the original equipment on the basis of continuous optimization of product functions, to achieve high efficiency, easy operation, high accuracy, low noise, durable characteristics, become the industry leader.
  Adhering to the business philosophy of "honesty, quality first, adhere to development and innovation", the company has established 38 after-sales service centers in the country and established an excellent sales team. To provide customers with comprehensive sales services, to solve the worries of after-sale. Well received by customers.
  Since its inception, "high quality and high quality" as the principle, "do not let a substandard parts factory" as the purpose. Quality checks and checks. The precision of production is far beyond that of peers.
 Welcome friends inside and outside the industry to inquire and negotiate with you. We hope to create a brilliant tomorrow with you.


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