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DGNM14-80(0-45 degree) Multifunctional Stone Edge Grinding Machine

This machine adopts electric feed regulation, when processing stone, it adopts diamond wheel shaping and water grinding pad polishing, equipped with snail buckle and joints, according to the different size thickness of stone grinding all kinds of flat stone right-angled bottom edge, thickened edge, right-angled 0-45 degrees of any large bevelled edges, slots, skirting, anti-skid grooves, French edges and other shaping rough grinding and polishing processes completed in one go. The brightness of the processed products is the same as the board surface. This machine has advanced and reasonable structure. High precision, fast efficiency, easy operation and simple maintenance. According to the processing requirements can be adjusted in the grinding process feeding speed and grinding head feed. The normal use of machinery is equivalent to the normal stone people processing the workload of 20 people, and to eliminate the manual processing of the process defects produced during production.




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