• CXBM11-80 侧斜石材磨边抛光机 09p-ok.jpg

CXBM11-80 Side Slope Stone Edge Grinding and Polishing Machine

This machine is a general market model, according to the different size thickness of stone, grinding all kinds of flat stone straight bottom edge, straight bottom edge 45 degrees chamfer, thickening edge, slotting, skirting, French edge and other moulding. In the processing of straight edge, back cutting, thickening edge, 45 degree chamfering of right-angled bottom edge can be used to configure the snail buckle quick connector with a water grinder rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing process is completed at once. After processing the brightness and the board is basically the same, easy to operate, simple maintenance, the normal use of machinery is equivalent to the normal stone processing 20 people's workload, and to eliminate the emergence of manual processing process defects.




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YXM8-80 Automatic Tasting Stone Edge Polishing Machine

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